God’s Seed vs. Satan’s Seed

God’s Seed vs. Satan’s Seed

From the Bible’s own word, there would be much contrary talk, working even against the interests of those who say that Jehovah’s day will not come. (Heb12:3, 2Pet3:3)

I can’t judge why a person is blinded to world conditions progressively worsening for all to see, or why some choose to fight against the express will of God, by pursuing their own various wills. (Jude 16,17)

Satan, like his seed, is not easily discovered, he is a master mind of lies and deception, and he knows his goats, and how to set them “free”, pursuing their own varied wills. (Gen3:15,1John4, Dan12:10)

But amongst the 100 that refute God’s will, even vehemently, such as Saul of Tarsus, some of you are God’s sheep, and he will himself open your eyes according to his wisdom, and omniscient power, just like Paul. If you are God’s, he will call you, you will come, and you will not be able to resist the truth that will drive you to him. (Gal4:9, John6:37 John12:32)

That is why I, like 7million co-workers of mine, present seeds of truth, in many forms, for Jehovah’s lost ones. (Matt13:36)

He is the shepherd, he will find his sheep. Me? I can’t judge who is who, amongst those that the seed falls, as even Satan must be given due warning, for God has told him, “I will repay you to your face” at his own time. (Deut7:9,10)

The summary is, we present the truth as found in any Bible, in any language for Jehovah’s sheep. When, in their heart, mind and love, the light goes on, like Paul they will see the truth, by God’s power, and their own freewill reasoning, they believe. Believing anything, is an act of freewill, no one can do it for us. Jehovah is the one, who turns the lights on, or turns the lights off. (Matt11:25, Ex4:21,2Cor3:16)

Therefore the message is an invitation to Jehovah’s lost sheep, and a warning to the devil’s own goats. Jehovah saves, and Jehovah destroys, depending on his own purpose. (Matt24:14 Rom9:14-18)

I can’t see the heart, human reasonings, or the origin of a person, whether from God’s seed, or from Satan’s seed. (John8:44)

We know from the Bible, since Gen 3:15, both seed’s exist, there is an Almighty Father, there is a sinner Satan, and both have children, interspersed into a global population who have been since our birthday, raised in a Satanically governed and divinely limited system of human management. From God’s standpoint, he is filtering his children out of this mix of lies and facts, with his truth in the Bible, before the end. (1Tim2:1-4, Acts17:30,31)

God will snatch his sheep from Satan’s hand, a human cannot tell by mere appearances, God can look deep. God invites his, and warns the other of impending doom, which is the judgment on Satan, and his seed.
(Matt7:19,20 Matt25:41 Rev20:7-15)

The preaching work is two fold, the effect is two fold. God’s children will hear his voice of truth to life, Satan’s children will hear God’s voice to judgment, but will continue in the rebellious talk of the Devil. So of course some will listen, and of course many, will do their own will, a freedom from their father a devil. (Rev16:6,7 Matt7:13 Gen6)

Regardless of the reaction from the people of earth the will of God will continue to Great Tribulation, and Har-Magedon (Matt24 Rev16:16 Dan2:44)

The Devil has had great anger since being booted from Heaven. (Rev12:7-10) Satan, demons, and his earthly seed of humans, are not going to rejoice at being told of the irreversible fast approaching end; obviously. None the less, God’s children, in spite of various trials common to life of fallen man, and of trials from the Devil, will have joy from this good news.

As Paul said, it is indicative that a person searching for the true God, must search his own soul with this joy, or why it lacks.

(Phil 1:28 2Thess1:6-10 Rev11:18)

Many people put it together later, maybe you are one of that fold.

(Acts17:11 John15:11 John17:13 John16:33)


God’s Seed vs. Satan’s Seed

Let’s do a little reverse engineering here.


In the end, it will tie to the beginning. At Gen 3:15, we see 2 seeds. The seed of Satan, and the seed of God. Though that had a great significance in the Bible, we see from 1 John 4, it also applies to every human that has existed and does exist. A seed of good, and a seed of evil.

In the end we see from Revelation and Genesis, only one of those seeds will survive. In Genesis, the head seed of evil is crushed, in Revelation, the evil seed is thrown into the lake of fire. Either symbol shows, the evil seed is destroyed. The evil seed is removed, gone, non-existent.

The summary? There are only two kinds of people, evil seed, and God’s seed.

Now for the big problem. 

The seeds are brought respectively into existence by the will of God, and the will of Satan, throughout human history, throughout a world still comprised ultimately, of one seed of good, and one seed of evil. The are co-existing, intermixed, and broadcast across all nations, tribes and tongues. What does that mean?

Today, we have three classes, the evil seed, the good seed, and the good seed that does not know their Father yet. As far as the evil seed, Satan could care less whether they know the truth or not, he disperses them with complete freedom, interspersed at times with the same overall ignorance, because it adds to the confusion, and it allows Adamic sin to operate through that seed, where by, the leaven of Satan, with no control, will infect the good seed whenever possible.

But God sent forth his son to break up the works of the devil. The bible was written, as the voice of God, God’s word, so that the lost good seed, with God’s spirit of truth, would be able to ascertain between themselves and God, that God was calling them to understand who they belong to. That class, from the Bible, was always gleaned from a world where the were born into complete ignorance, as we all have been. In time, the father Jehovah revealed himself, through his son, and began calling the good seed to himself, through Jesus Christ, as purposed for life in Heaven as a ruling class, or as subjects of that great kingdom, as an earthly class. The one would fulfill the scripture of God’s will being done in heaven, and by virtue of the wisdom, love and mercy which would come from God, through Jesus, these would guide the earthly class to eternal perfection as humans with everlasting life in paradise earth. That class together would fulfill the will of God, as God’s will would be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

So as the grand finale, when Jesus has brought an end to all government, authority and power, he removes Satan, and death, as the final temptation of man’s completion. With the evil seed fully destroyed, and the good seed in holding eternal life on earth, he hands the kingdom back to God, his farther. God recovers his children, the good seed prevails over the evil seed, and the bible is fulfilled from Genesis to revelation, back to Genesis, paradise earth, and the Edenic garden now covering the planet.


It must be said as well, amongst these seeds, many of us all, by freewill, have not and cannot know our origin, because by freewill we can choose good or evil.

That of course relates to the tree of such qualities of knowledge. This is not predestination, this is freewill obedience or freewill disobedience. These questions cannot be fully answered until Satan’s final temptation of mankind, but in the meantime, humans who will determine their stand, will be confronted by Jesus and Satan, as to which was we will go.

Jesus ransom sacrifice, allows us in this grey zone, to move towards God’s way. In the end, the issues Satan raised in Eden, must be brought before all individually. Even now, God is willing a large purging work at Har-Magedon, where the earthly class of Satan’s seed will meet their end, and Satan and his spirit demons will be abyssed. The 1000 year reign allows both righteous and unrighteous to determine their allegiance and who they shall worship, Jehovah or Satan. The final temptation of Satan, is upon humankind who will have attained to physical and spiritual perfection, and will no longer have a covering sacrifice from Jesus Christ. That is the final purge, when Jehovah will fully annihilate the seed in opposition to his sovereign rule and laws.


Though their are definitely two seeds in this world, it is still a freewill choice, and we cannot know where anyone else stands, but by repentance, and continued obedience, we can follow the Chief Seed of God, Jesus Christ, for he will lead those willing, to his Father and theirs.

It must be said as well, amongst these seeds, many of us all, by freewill, have not and cannot know our origin, because by freewill we can choose good or evil.

Even of the 144,000, who had the calling previously, by freewill, some had lost it (Heb 10). The 144,000 have witness borne to them that they are God’s children. Until though, they have stood fast in the truth, under possibly extreme test, they will not inherit immortality. Flesh is corruptible, in the spirit form as an immortal, corruption is impossible. Undeserved kindness covers all the 144,000 until the final approval, it is God’s gift, not a deserved status in fallen man. That is the finalization of God’s adoption, and that’s why holding fast to the truth is important, and why Satan though tempting all, he intensifies his aim on the chosen, just as he did on Jesus. If once saved always saved were true, then Satan would have had no purpose in testing Jesus Christ to the degree he did, and his temptation and testing of God’s chosen also has real meaning. By freewill, any can fall, up until the final sealing of incorruptible immortality. For those of Satan’s who, he already has, as seed beyond ignorance, but truly wicked and evil humans, and demons, Satan has no need to test them, but only blessings to give to whomever he chooses within God’s limit. This is why Satan tempted Jesus with all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. Satan will give power, to those who serve him, but no man can tell by mere appearances, God is the judge.

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