Jehovah vs. The Illuminati? LOL

Q: Is there really some kind of conspiracy for global government?

It’s not conspiracy, it is micro-history related to demonic rulerships (Eph6:12), and their influence in human power systems, (Rev16:13-16). The rest is not only logical, a little research into globalist government development reveals actual recorded histories, and much evidence of a crystallizing global sovereign power system composed of many nation-state sovereignties in a form of united nations. Terms like ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Freemasons’ are just distractions to tie people up in detail overkill and speculation, the actuality of the philosophy is all around us in many conceptual frameworks like the UN and globalism, central banking globally through a finance intelligence system of super-computers and satellites, and global NATO for example of a few super-structures in place for global management from a central protocol system above nation-state sovereignty and interference.

Part 1 – Jesus Kingdom, Jehovah’s Eternal Super-Universal Power Center

Jesus already answered when he said Satan’s kingdom is united, at least in the spirit realm, because a divided effort falls in time.

All the other divisions in society are fomented from that same universal truth, Satan divides below and conquers, but Jesus also said I came to bring division. He meant 1 division, those for a “jew”/gentile banking kingdom, or those for the Kingdom of God (one or the other).

Once people come to see that this “kingdom” we are seeing through the UN and it’s main backers, is the counterfeit kingdom of the “Pharisees” in part, and that their “christ” returning is actually Satan’s attempted return to his grand global throne in visible power (an attempt), it becomes clear who has made that distinction a global issue. Jehovah’s witnesses for God’s True Kingdom of the Heaven’s as Jesus stated, NOT FROM THIS SOURCE.

Jesus: “But, as it is, my kingdom is not from this source.”

In what is coming to a climax before our very eyes, there is no middle ground, the organized religions of Christendom and Babylon’s overlordship “spiritual” are pointing all their members to this counterfeit kingdom of man and Satan’s rebellion against God; UN and money worshippers.

Jehovah’s kingdom, like Satan’s will make a full manifestation at the climax of Har-Magedon, and his Christ will conquer the demon heavens, and the satanic earth, and he will pulverize the NWO, the illuminati, Rothschilds, etc, etc, etc, and everyone else connected to them, because the issue is global rulership, and you can bet your life, Jehovah is not coming to haggle with a bunch of bloodguilty bankers about their counterfeit zion and where he fits in, or to arm wrestle with the gentile governmental-military-corporate structure, to see what percentage they might be able to spare for his son, Jesus the Christ. He is going to stomp them to a pulp, for birds and beasts to clean up later, as Ezekiel and John both spoke as prophecy. Split global booty with sinners and Satan?

No. He will utterly and completely, stomp them to the mantle of this earth, to everlasting destruction, as a “footstool” under the Lord Sword’s feet, Jesus. Jehovah’s witnesses long ago said this, and are clearly, and globally, separate from any illuminati of fake NWO powers, and they bring the Lord of the Universe, by name Jehovah, into the conflict, so ALL the powers of Satan, in his earthly seed and Kingdom, will clearly know who will be lighting up the sky, over all their heads, in that day, and who will remind this world and humans, we are not God, or even godlike, he will finish the conquest through his True Great Lord of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ, and he will give Jesus this planet, and Jesus will crush them all to a finality, and package satan and the demons in cold storage in the abyss.

Part 2 –  The “Other Guys” get the Message as Fair Warning: Who will take Earth Proper???
The globe will know who is King of Eternity, and Jehovah is his name, and his Kingdom ALONE will rule.

Jehovah, unlike Satan and all the misled global governments and religions of the dark shell, gives utterly fair warning, over and over, globally Matt24:14 the good news of THE Kingdom, not a UN facade of weakness. Jehovah is coming to save the earth, and those who want to lay down their swords, before his Master of Sword Lord Michael ArchBeing, the great Immortal Jesus Christ, the True Undefeatable and Indestructible Warrior of God Almighty, may do so now, all others have been warned, and may consider surrendering now and living, or fighting then and dieing as the prophets and God spoke long ago, and today from the bible, and Jehovah’s witnesses. Jesus has immortals, and myriads of angels, who will not be taking prisoners in the earthly realm on that day. The have continually been provoked, and it all add up to settling the score, here on this earth, to a finality, for the global throne.

No illuminati, will EVER say those words, Jehovah is done with them, and there will nowhere to hide, when Amos9, Rev16:16, Joel 3:9-15 and Rev 11:18 are fulfilled by divine, immortal and angelic power to a full, to a finish for this planet, and all the stars around it. It belongs to Jehovah, and he will give it to the Mighty god, Jesus Christ the King.

Put your blood allegiance and loyalty to God’ Kingdom of Heaven ALONE.

The words of all his prophets, will be fulfilled to the letter.

Joel 3:9

“To that place, O Jehovah, bring your powerful ones down.”

Powerful Ones = Angelic beings, etc.

3 thoughts on “Jehovah vs. The Illuminati? LOL

    • The question is what is the connection with Jehovah’s witnesses and the anointed of the 144000 remnant who will exterminate the doominati at Har-Magedon as Kingdom power of Jesus Christ’s “New Jerusalem”?

      So the anointed among Jehovah’s witnesses admit that the doominati is an enemy that will be destroyed when the spirit immortal form is reached in Christ’s likeness at 2Thess1:6, and they will be hunted from their hiding places as at Amos9, and the “kingdom of the world” (Rev11:15-18) will be officially given to the “holy ones” of the “Supreme One” Jehovah God, by Jehovah God (Dan7), not to any doominati.

      The illuminati’s days are well numbered to the micro-second, as are all human kingdoms of this world.

      Russell is of the anointed, not Masons, he will help destroy the illuminati, and the rest, even canning demon POWs into abyss, when Christ extends full domination by superior forces over planet earth.

  1. the bottom line or the hidden truth is Jehovah wills goddamn satan!!
    This is spoken from a witness of jehovah a volunteer as in the words of Barak in Judges 5:2
    ” the hair hangs loose for war the people volunteer Bless Jehovah”, as I’m in the 21 first century I testify to this I watch tower fall only to awake. As like the first century christians to be vulgar is to face Satan as he time comes to an end. The best thing Russell did was show the drama of creation as one day I will show the drama of the destruction it is in my blood for only a russell is this crazy to expose the hidden truth. It may be a sin yet jesus didn’t die for nothing and Jehovah doesn’t forget the love you have shown. In a world at a time where it is all about being a martyr, witness in Greek terms is just that a martyr, agape love in Greek terms is love base on a principle, the only principle I was taught in the century is the value of sacrifice, enjoy my words soon all will see my faith in works.

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